I looked forward to the 6th edition of the F1 Innovation Prize by Tata Communications since I left Austin last year, but unfortunately 2019 competition doesn’t seem to be held.

At the same time, the pace of the innovation on the fan experience side of things doesn’t impress. From time to time “the pitstop predictor” appears on the TV screen but it seems to be all there is, and even that is not on the level we (competition finalists) dreamt about last year.

I cannot know what is the reason behind not having the competition but if I could have a little suggestion: Dear F1, please liberate your data.

Please provide real time access to the telemetry data. Let the community of Formula 1 enthusiasts help you with the innovation. All we need is “For Developers link” in the bottom of F1.com where we could find the API and its documentation. Let us experiment, build PoCs and compare ideas in a modern and scalable way. Daily, not only once a year.