Tesla Model 3

Driving an electric car is not only fun because of its nearly infinite and always available torque (read acceleration), but also because it is a source of very interesting data.

Tesla Real Range is a tool collecting and analyzing data from Tesla Model 3 car, providing an insight in a real energy consumption, range and charging times.

Geigr.io data-driven decision making for Agile.

Together with eonics.nl Coding Minds built a platform creating predictive insights for Agile development projects, based on continuous analysis of all the data generated within a project.

It aggregates all project data sources  to create up-to-date complete picture of your project and let you take unbiased data driven decisions.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 16.10.51

The Formula 1 Innovation Prize

In 2018, Coding Minds took part in a global competition to design an innovative Formula 1 viewing experience. Our proposal of data driven visualization platform, translating this complex sport into clear real time story lines, was selected from hundreds of entries and became one of 5 finalists.

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