We meet.

Face to face intake is the best first step of the proces. This 1 hour meeting is crucial to understand your idea and to explain our approach.

We brainstorm.

During one day workshop, we work together, design the high level solution and lay out the scenarios. We discuss possible experiments and prioritise them in order to estimate the effort.

We build and learn.

We prototype (experiment) in short iterations, measure the results, validate with you and design next step. Every iteration delivers a package of documented software, you take and expand somewhere else.

Last but not least. We manage the whole thing for you.

You only need to talk to us to have full picture. Even if the work itself is distributed, we coordinate it and make it our problem. We can advise you on the technical choices and take care of engineering excellence. We make sure your software is built, tested and documented, so it is a foundation you can scale up upon, every iteration.