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Soseki.io 1 is a framework developed by CodingMinds which helps building custom tools quickly and efficiently.

Soseki.io based tool provides number of core functionalities out of the box. At the same time it can be fully customized and safely deployed within your development environment.

It is written in python (because python likes data), dockerized (since flexible deployment is a key) and supports many important features out of the box. For instance:
  • API (inc throttling) which can be used to push data into the system
  • job scheduler, useful to pull the data or run long calculation at predefined times
  • job queueing and management allowing to safely run async tasks
  • authorization, authentication and user management
  • a simple blog if you wish to keep up the communication
  • command line easy to extend with new commands
  • db upgrade helping to release new versions more frequently

1 礎石 soseki: cornerstone in japanese
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